domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014

The Table

I went to Ikea to get a table, but the cheapest thing around was 250 dollars. The 250 dollar table was made for dwarfs because it was really small. To those 250 dollars I would have to add 99 dollars which Ikea charges for the transport and also the time I would need to take to figure how to put the damn thing together because I was not born a pragmatic instruction reading Swede.
I didn't say "Fuck off!" because of my good manners but I did say a heart felt "Fan ta dig, Ikea!" and went to the church thrift shop near my old place around USC. My expectations, were low but when I got there I saw a gorgeous table for 20 dollars. It seemed to good to be true, but they had no space for it at the shop so they lowered the price from 100 (which would still be a bargain) to 20. They gave me the number of a guy called Adolfo (no anti-Semitic reasons for the name hopefully) a Mexican ex-marine dude to help me carry the table home. I called Adolfo he got to the shop in 20 minutes and for 50 bucks this huge man who looked like he could kill me with a punch helped me carry the table to the first floor where I live.  The table is solid wood and it was really hard to carry it but now in the wise words of Jeffrey Lebowski "it really ties the room together."
Great 20 dollar table!