sábado, 27 de setembro de 2014


My latest obsession is architecture. The shapes, the volumes and the textures that shape our shelters and populate our dreams.  Los Angeles despite the amazing good weather is full of great architecture. Take a look.

Spiral staircase.
Post modernist building.
My courtyard during the day...
...and during the night. My building has simple practical shapes.
Square shaped window.
Triangle shaped window.
Circle shaped window.
Brusselization kind of projects grow like mushrooms.
Interesting usage of light.
30's art nouveau building entry with maritime leitmotif in the vitrals.
New building at day...
... and at night. Notice the clear influence of Venice Golden Lion Winner Ibere Camargo Foundation corner facade by Alvaro Siza (http://upmagazine-tap.com/en/pt_artigos/fundacao-ibere-camargo-2/)

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